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The Silent Organic Farmers

January 7, The country had achieved its political independence in 1947 but the true independence was yet to be achieved. The countrymen were still surviving on “ship to mouth existence” as the food need was dependent upon import through ships. … Continue reading

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The mesmerizing Mycelium at your service

january 6th, 2011 “Mushroom growing isn’t just a rapidly expanding agribusiness; it’s also a significant tool for the restoration, replenishment and remediation of Earth’s overburdened ecosphere…….We’d like to show you some of the many ways in which the cultivation of … Continue reading

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No Life without Fungi

Today’s session on plant sciences started with an illuminating lecture “Curiosity in Fungi” by Prof. C Manoharachary, Emeritus Scientist, Department of Botany, Osmania University. Encouraging the seasoned speaker, the hall was fully packed with academicians, mycologists and students listening to … Continue reading

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