Impact Factor of CSIR–NISCAIR Journals Goes Up

CSIR-NISCAIR journals have notched up an increase of >41% in Impact Factor (IF) over that from the previous year, according to the Journal Citation Reports 2011 (both Science edition and Social Sciences edition) released during the last week of June. Two journals, viz. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology and Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics have even crossed an Impact Factor of 1.0 – a rarity for Indian Journals.

The following table depicts the overall increase in the Impact Factor of CSIR-NISCAIR journals in the year 2011.

Abbreviated Journal Title IF 2010 IF 2011 Increase/Decrease (%)
INDIAN J EXP BIOL 0.702 1.295 84.47
INDIAN J BIOCHEM BIO 0.824 1.142 38.59
INDIAN J CHEM A 0.92 0.891 -3.15
INDIAN J PURE AP PHY 0.511 0.763 49.32
INDIAN J CHEM B 0.562 0.648 15.30
INDIAN J CHEM TECHN 0.373 0.606 62.47
J SCI IND RES INDIA 0.514 0.587 14.20
INDIAN J BIOTECHNOL 0.385 0.55 42.86
INDIAN J MAR SCI 0.204 0.422 106.86
INDIAN J TRADIT KNOW 0.232 0.399 71.98
J INTELLECT PROP RIG 0.17 0.343 101.76
INDIAN J ENG MATER S 0.15 0.223 48.67
Average IF 41.86

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